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Grass-fed Beef
Whole Beef Pricing
Ground Beef
Beef Kabobs
T-bone Steak
Rib Steak
Round Steak
Chuck Roast
Shoulder Roast
Rump Roast
Short Rib Stew
BBQ Ribs
Stew Meat 
$5.00 /lb
$7.99 /lb
$21.99 /lb
$20.99 /lb
$21.99 /lb
$5.00 /lb
$8.49 /lb
$8.49 /lb
$8.49 /lb
$8.49 /lb
$8.49 /lb
$5.00 /lb

$7.49 /lb
Free Range Pork
Breakfast Sausage
Cubed Ham
Ham Steak
Pork Chop
Neck Bones
Pork Shoulder Roast
Boston Butt
Smoked/Sliced Jowl
$5.00 /lb
$5.50 /lb
$6.00 /lb
$9.50 /lb
$4.00 /lb
$6.00 /lb
$6.00 /lb
$6.00 /lb
$9.00 /lb

Our pigs come from a breed of heritage hogs that are known for foraging, and are never confined to a concrete slab in a building. We feed only a plant-based diet, NO growth-promoting chemicals or hormones, and antibiotic-free, so you can feel good about the nutritional value of this pork vs. conventional pork.

Whole Hog Pricing

Orders can be received and paid for on scheduled pick-up days at the farm. 

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