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Farm fresh meat for sale near me

Ground Beef.        Not Available $6.99/lb.

Cubed Steak         $6.99/lb.

Flank Steak           Not Available $10.99/lb.

Sirlion Steak          $9.99/lb.

Fajita Steak           Not Available $7.50/lb.

Flat Iron Steak.     Not Available $14.67/lb

Hanger Steak.       Not Available $10.50

Skirt Steak.           Not Available $14.00/lb.

Ribeye Steak       Not Available $18.99/lb.

T-Bone Steak.      Not Available $18.99/lb.

New York Strip.    Not Available $18.99/lb.

Filet                     Not Available $22.59/lb.

Beef Kabobs        Not Available $8.99/lb.

Brisket.                Not Available $8.99/lb.

Chuck Roast.       Not Available $8.49/lb

Rump Roast        Not Available $9.19/lb.

Sirloin Roast        $9.99/lb

Shoulder Roast   Not Available $9.19/lb.

Tri-Tip Roast.       Not Available $9.19/lb.

Short Ribs.          Not Available $7.59/lb.

Stew Meat.          $6.99/lb.

Beef Tongue        Not Available $8.00/lb

Oxtail                  Not Available $4.99/lb

Marrow Bones    Not Available $4.29/lb.

Neck & Nuckle    Not Available $4.29/lb

Beef Fat.             $4.95/lb

Beef Heart.         Not Available $4.29/lb

Liver                   Not Available $3.49/lb.

Whole Beef Pricing

$2.25 per pound based on live weight plus processing 

Call for more details

Free Range Pork
Hot Sausage
Cubed Ham
Pork Steak
Pork Chop (Thick)
Pork Chop (Thin)
Neck Bones
Pork Shoulder Roast
Boston Butt
Country Style Ribs
Smoked Sausage
Ground Pork
Side Meat
Streak of Lean
Soup Bones
Tenderloin Whole
Jowl Smoked/Sliced
Pork Belly
Ham (Fresh)
Leaf Fat

$6.50 per lb
$5.19 per lb
Not Avail. $5.69 per lb 
$10.59 per lb
$10.59 per lb.
Not Avail. $4.55 per lb
$7.15 per lb
$7.15 per lb
Not Avail. $7.99 per lb
$10.35 per lb
Not Avail. $5.99 per lb
Not Avail. $10.95 per lb
$7.09 per lb

$7.99 per lb
Not Avail. $3.99 per lb
Not Avail. $3.15 per lb

Not Avail. $10.99 per lb
Not Avail. $9.99 per lb

$8.49 per lb
Not Avail. $8.39 per lb
$3.00 per lb

Our pigs come from a breed of heritage hogs that are known for foraging, and are never confined to a concrete slab in a building. We feed only a plant-based diet, NO growth-promoting chemicals or hormones, and antibiotic-free, so you can feel good about the nutritional value of this pork vs. conventional pork.

Whole Hog Pricing

Hogs available by half and whole. 

 $3.15/lb. on hanging weight + processing.

Call to reserve.

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