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Red Hill Farms was established March 4, 1941, when James Martin Bryant and family were forced off their Ohatchee Alabama farm to make way for the Pelham Range training area of Fort McClellan. Farm production at the Cropwell Alabama farm included cotton, honey, pork, poultry, cows, and vegetables. The farm moved to the current location on Red Hill Farms in Cropwell, AL.  Today we still continue to raise beef cattle, pork, and hay.  What a joy it is to not only produce a good product but a product that is good for you and your family.  Our products are grass-fed without hormones or antibiotics.

Red Hill Farms, Vaughan & Christa Bryant


We raise our beef, pork, and poultry in a natural pastoral environment never giving growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. We believe that contented animals produce a superior product, so we strive for a low-stress environment emphasizing the humane treatment of our livestock. We follow a strict grass-fed protocol with our cows, never feeding grain or animal byproducts.   


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Farm fresh meat
Meats For Purchase This Week


Ground beef, various steaks, short ribs,

beef kabobs, various roast, cubed steak,

stew meat, beef liver, marrow bones,

soup bones and ox tail


Mild and hot sausage, pork shoulder roast, cubed ham, neck bones, and pork fat.

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